Going to university is stressful for any student. But for students who come to Windsor from abroad, there are added pressures.

That's why the University of Windsor has adopted a new support program, called "Keep Me Safe."

It's a 24-hour counselling service, aimed at giving extra support, specifically geared to international students. 

"They would come in when things were really bad," Dr Mohsan Beg, the clinical director of the Student Counselling Centre, told Windsor Morning. "So we felt that we needed something that would help give some support earlier in the process."

Beg said that many international students can start to feel isolated throughout the semester, and it can be harder when English is not their first language. 

Hear more from Dr. Mohsan Beg

"You add in the layer of coming to a new country you're leaving friends and family behind, new weather, new food, new policies…. Those are all kind of added pressure these students feel," said Beg. 

Advisors and supporting materials are available in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish. If a student would like to speak to someone in a different language, Keep.meSAFE can access licensed counsellors in up to an additional 30 languages.