Operations are back to normal at Windsor's airport after two passengers were removed from a WestJet flight for unruly behaviour Tuesday.

The man and woman were on a plane flying from Calgary into Windsor.

"Apparently, they were uncooperative with direction from the flight crew itself, and I guess somewhat belligerent," said Phil Roberts, the director of operations at the airport. "The incident was fairly short-lived. So, as a precaution, the flight crew basically had Windsor [police] and Windsor airport operations ... attend."

The incident came a week after a Sunwing flight en route to Cuba was forced to turn around and return to Toronto's Pearson International Airport on after two disruptive passengers caused a major disturbance.

Roberts said the safety of the flight and passengers were never threatened.

Authorities took the pair off the plane once it had landed, but said no charges have been laid.

"This was very much a precautionary thing, I suppose it could have escalated," said Roberts. "The other thing is it wasn't a flight diversion. This was a scheduled flight. So this was basically just a precautionary measure from the flight crew."

WestJet said its security team will review the situation.