A Windsor man will soon be searching the Arctic seas. But he won't be looking for shipwrecks or sunken treasure. 

Steve Fields, a communications officer from the University of Windsor, usually reads and writes about research. This time he'll be getting his hands dirty.

Fields will be tracking migration patters of arctic fish while working with a team from the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research.

He hopes that by filming and blogging about his adventure, people will have a better understanding of what researchers do.

"The problem with a lot of research is that it get's published in academic journals. Well, the average person doesn't read academic journals," Fields said. "So what we try to do is try to explain to the average Canadian is what research gets done and how it's being used."

The only drawback is that Fields isn't really a cold weather person.

"I said, 'we got other researchers around here that are doing working places like Costa Rica, and places like that, could you not have picked a warmer spot?'" Fields said.

When he arrives north of Baffin Island later this week, the temperature will be approximately 2 C (35 F).