The University of Windsor has suspended its dean of education, Clinton Beckford, due to a plagiarism incident.

The university announced Monday that Beckford has started administrative leave and an unpaid suspension from his position as Dean of the Faculty of Education.

The suspension will be in effect until June 30, 2014, and is, according to the university, "in recognition of an academic integrity breach involving plagiarism."

Alan Wildeman is the president of the University of Windsor.  He said an investigation was launched after a "concern came forward" about a published item included on Beckford's resume. 

"As a result of that investigation we did impose a sanction," said Wildeman.  He then added "...we also look forward to welcoming Doctor Beckford back at the conclusion of [his suspension] and I have every expectation that he will continue to be a contributing member to the University of Windsor."

Natalie Palumbo is a student in the school of education.  Of Beckford's suspenion she said, "It's unfortunate that it had to happen in that way and I don't really think there's no judgement, really, because it happens to a lot of people.  Unfortunately I just think he got himself into a sticky situation."

An acting dean will be appointed in the weeks to come.