The University of Windsor is poised to lock out members of the Windsor University Faculty Association on July 3.

The University submitted a no-board request for the lockout and it was approved by the Ministry of Labour this week.

The move came as a complete surprise to the president of the Windsor University Faculty Association, the union representing faculty at the school.

Brian Brown said he thought the negotiations were going well.

He says both sides will continue to meet in order to reach a collective agreement for 1,040 faculty members.

The University posted information about the decision on its website saying, "the University requested the no-board report to enable the conciliation officer to become a mediator in an effort to reach an agreement by the time the current contract expires on June 30."

Brown says if the lockout happens, it would likely be a first in Ontario.

He says they haven't taken a strike vote either, so his members won't be able to strike next month.

The union will be meeting with the administration on Friday.