Some students at the University of Windsor who rely on its health and dental plans are concerned they may be without coverage this school year.

The university is withholding the funds, which are usually given to the University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA), to pay its insurance premiums, some students allege.

"We are, right now, working towards receiving the funds for this upcoming fall," said Nicole Morrell, the general manager for the UWSA. "That's our primary concern. The fees that were held earlier in the year, we have received a partial payment of those fees, not everything, but we are still trying to work out the details to ensure that we can get the rest of that funding."

Morell said the alliance is in talks with administration to get the full amount of funding by the end of September, so there will be no disruption in coverage of students.

"Our largest concern [is whether], going forward, that we're going to be able to provide the services for the students that we want to. The UWSA fee covers a number of services including the health and dental fee, the women's centre, the walk safe program that we do on campus, clubs and society funding," she said.  

Morrell said the UWSA is currently offering the health and dental plan, which covers student from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 each year.

If the funding comes in on time, there will be no disruption in the service, she said.

Morrell claims the university is holding the money because it has concerns with the way the alliance is governed.

The University of Windsor didn't immediately respond to interview requests Friday.