Unionized employees at the Windsor Waterfront Hotel won't strike after all.

About 50 workers had planned to walk off the job Thursday night but eventually decided not to.

With a fully booked hotel and a swim meet happening a few blocks away at the new downtown aquatic centre the union said it didn't want to tarnish the city's image.

"We’re not looking for a scuffle here. But we may have no choice but to withdraw our services," staff rep Mike Renaud said.

The workers contract expired at the end of November 2013.

They were scheduled to have a face-to-face meeting with hotel management Thursday but a conference call was held instead.

The union told CBC Windsor it takes that as a sign that management is not taking their concerns seriously.

The union claims that the new contact they are being offered asks them to pay for 35 per cent of the benefits program, about $120 out of the employee's monthly salary.

Management wants to cut pension by two thirds, a cost to the employer of $1,000 a year. 

"It’s absolutely ridiculous to think we would accept something like that," said Gerry Farnham, president of Unifor Local 195.

Tyler McDiarmid, the CFO of Vrancor Group, which owns the hotel, told CBC News he hopes they can resolve the issue without a strike.

McDiarmid said when the hotel lost its Hilton branding, room service was cut and the bar and restaurant closed.

The hotel still employs people in housekeeping, maintenance and at the front desk.

Management has given the union until June 1 to make a decision on what the union claims is the hotel's "final offer."