Progress is being reported as negotiations between Caesars Windsor and Unifor Local 444 continue.

Both sides are trying to reach a tentative agreement before the strike deadline of midnight Thursday night.

"We've got one of the best work forces with regards to providing the service that they do at Caesars Windsor," said Dino Chiodo, president of Unifor Local 444. "They've been more than superb with regards to understanding where we are at."

Chiodo said he is cautiously optimistic a deal can be struck without a walkout.

If not, he said there's always the possibility the deadline could be extended.

"If the company continues to ... listen to what our issues are and helps us to resolve them, then we'll definitely stay at the table. If we see road blocks and stumbling blocks then there will be no more time for games and we'll be walking," he said.

Key issues to settle include contracting out language, shift hours, wages, pensions and benefits.

A meeting has been scheduled for the 2,300 unionized workers for next Tuesday.

They'll either be voting on a tentative agreement or discussing why talks broke down.