A funnel cloud spotted over Essex County on Tuesday evening surprised even Environment Canada.

"We weren't anticipating tornadoes, especially down in the southwest yesterday," said Kelly Hobelman, a severe weather meterologist with Environment Canada. "It was more of a heavy rainfall environment yesterday, but in the southwest that was really the only incident of near severe weather that we saw."

Environment Canada says that around 5 p.m. the severe weather crossed Essex County.

The funnel cloud was spotted near Highway 401 and Manning Road.

It never touched down.

Hobelman says a tornado watch was issued but not a warning.

Hobleman said social media helped play a part in locating and confirming the funnel cloud.

"We later had a bunch of photos that were sent to us and we found them via social media, as well," Hobelman said. "It was probably just that one funnel cloud in the area that lots of people happened to take pictures of."

Crystal J. Dewar says she took this picture of the funnel cloud from her backyard in Maidstone.

Funnel Cloud Picture Essex

The funnel cloud formed near Highway 401 and Manning Road. (Crystal J. Dewar/Facebook)

A photo of the funnel cloud was posted to the Facebook site of Ontario Tornado Watch.

Ashley Holiga took video of the funnel cloud while parked in her car.

You can also see it by visiting our Facebook page.