To mark the 80th anniversary of the Ukrainian famine, there was a memorial at Jackson Park in Windsor, Ont., this weekend.

The famine-genocide happened during peace time. Millions of Ukrainians died of starvation in the early 1930s.

Under Josef Stalin, farmers' harvests were seized and sold to the west.

Ukrainian community members gathered around the memorial in Windsor and told stories.

"My mother comes from Venetia. Form the time I was a child, I heard the stories about how her father took the family out to the field and explained to them which weeds they could eat," said Nina Zeleney.

Zeleney was among the 50 people who took park in the ceremony, placing wreaths and singing prayers.

"It's important from a humanitarian standpoint," Ihor Stebelsky said.

Stebelsky helped bring the monument to the victims of the famine genocide to Jackson Park in Windsor.

He said he hopes people of all ages will learn from the tragedy.

"For our  younger generation, it's important to become aware and trying to make sure we are on the right track," Stebelsky said.

For Zeleney, lessons are important but so, too,.is the simple act of remembering the victims, she said.

"This is my way of honouring the memory of my parents and what they went through," she said.