Tunnel BBQ closes for good in Windsor

Tunnel BBQ, a downtown Windsor landmark that has been around for decades, has closed its doors.

Tunnel BBQ, a downtown Windsor landmark that has been around for decades has, closed its doors.

The Park Street establishment has been around since the 1940s, and has been a big drew for rib aficionados.

Since news of the closure was announced earlier this summer, loyal customers have been coming by for one last meal.

Many longtime customers came out for a last bite Monday, and stopped to share their thoughts on the TBQ's closure.

"When I come here, it's ribs, ribs and more ribs. And the fact that it's going to be no more ribs, that's shocking, really. For me, it's pretty disturbing, being a meat man," said Errol Jones.

Cherie Prentice was all stocked up with ribs and desert for her last meal.

"I've been coming here since I was in my early teens, and I was a Grace grad, and when we were at Grace Hospital nursing school, we used to come here for the hot fudge ice cream puffs. So this is the last hurrah," said Prentice.  

Some people even came from across the border from Detroit to enjoy one last meal.

"I've been coming 40-some years, and loved the food, the people, although I think all Canadians are wonderful. I'm really going to miss it here, because the waitresses have become like friends," said Linda Freund.    

The University of Windsor is taking over the property as it expands into the downtown core.

Tunnel BBQ will hold an auction on Sept. 10.


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