Teresa Piruzza says what she calls mistakes like the cancelled gas plants and substandard girders won't happen again under Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Windsor West Liberal MPP Teresa Piruzza says she's doing everything possible to ensure the Herb Gray Parkway is safe.

Piruzza acknowledges hundreds of substandard girders were installed as part of the project but she's been monitoring the situation closely.

"With respect to the girders, I regularly speak to the minister to ensure the safety of that roadway with respect to projects that are underway in that community in terms of any initiatives that we have. I will continue to speak directly with ministers and directly with ministries to ensure what we need here in Windsor and in Windsor West is taken care of."

Piruzza says you can trust her and the Liberal Party, despite the gas plant and girder scandals that have been dominating provincial news this week.

Ontario's auditor general found the cost of cancelling two gas power plants in Oakville and Mississauga could top a billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transportation admits it knew girders installed the $1.4-billion Herb Gray Parkway did not meet code.

"I believe they can trust the government. I'm part of that government and I certainly work hard in terms of representing their needs to the premier," Piruzza said. "The premier has been very forthright with respect to these issues, with respect to girders, with respect to the gas plant.

"In terms of saying that things have to change - and I believe that under this Premier, that processes will be in place so that moving forward - mistakes like that won't happen."

Piruzza said she is ready for an election in the spring if that were to happen.