A kitten is safe after being trapped in a sewer pipe for two days in Kingsville, Ont., southeast of Windsor.

Neighbours, firefighters and local plumber rallied to save the kitten Wednesday. They eventually flushed it from the sewer line.

The kitten ended up in a pipe on Conservation Boulevard. The cries for help started Sunday night.

Several people heard the cries but couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from.

After two days of searching, Larry Wuerch heard meowing coming from the sewer early Tuesday morning.

"Under some ivy bushes she found an open pipe connection and it was down in there," Wuerch said.

Despite the fact he is still recovering from a recent kidney transplant, Wuerch and a neighbour began digging. Wuerch wasn't going to rest until he rescued the kitten.

"He's a life, he's a piece of the earth, you don't let it die," Wuerch said.

"All the digging in the world wasn't going to save that kitten," his wife Barbara admitted.

That's when help was called.

Two sanitation companies came and helped flush out the kitten. The first company tried to suck the cat out of the sewer with a vacuum. The second company tracked it down using an eel cam and used water to flush the cat from the sewer lines.

Eventually someone climbed into a manhole and the water forced the cat from the sewer system. The kitten was eventually pulled to safety through the manhole.

"Everybody had to put forth a team effort to get the little guy out of the drain," Barbara Wuech said. "You don't give up."