Transit Windsor wants compensation for parkway detours

Transit Windsor is seeking compensation from the provincial government and the group building the Herb Gray Parkway.

Herb Gray Parkway girder controversy said to be costing transit company $35K a year

If the North Talbot overpass doesn't open soon, Transit Windsor says it will cost it $100,000.

Transit Windsor is seeking compensation from the provincial government and the group building the Herb Gray Parkway.

Transit Windsor estimates the North Talbot overpass closure will cost it $35,000 by the end of the year.

The controversy surrounding hundreds of substandard girders has left the completed overpass closed for months.

Now, the girders used in that bridge will be replaced. It will take much longer to re-open the bridge.

If the work is not complete by the end of 2014, the cost to Transit Windsor is expected to climb beyond $100,000.

The closure has resulted in a 4.5-km detour.

Pat Delmore, Transit Windsor's director of operations, is more concerned about customer service.

"Our passengers don't know when they can expect the bus to come. So they're waiting extra time. They may be late for appointments or late for work or early, having to go out early, just so that they're sure they're getting a bus at different times because of the additional time that this detour is taking," Delmore said.

Coun. Bill Marra chairs the transit board of directors and said more than 100 people on both sides of the bridge use

Transit Windsor service each day.

"You know what's missed is the inconvenience to commuters, because you can't put a financial piece to that," Marra said. "When bus stops are moved, when buses are delayed, it has a direct impact on commuters. It has an impact on customer satisfaction."

The provincial transportation minister has indicated there could be compensation for those affected by the delay.

Besides sending a letter, Marra says he will try to contact the minister personally.


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