Transit Windsor board members decided to stick with their plan to hike bus fares at a meeting Tuesday night.

At the same time they hope to be in a position to provide better service to riders in 2013.

But the decision isn't final because it's now up to city council to decide whether the fares should jump by 9 to 12 per cent starting Jan. 1.

Coun. Bill Marra chairs the board and said there's always a risk when raising fares, but history shows people will keep riding.

"I think if we were looking at increasing fares and decreasing service that would be a formula for disaster," said Marra.

Marra said increasing the fares makes the most sense with the current budget constraints.

If council approves the increase, the adult, student and senior fares would jump by 25 cents and the tunnel fare would increase by 50 cents.

"There's a clear message that we're getting from our ridership," said Marra. "Our ridership numbers continue to go up. We've got these great improvements across the city. We need to correspond with an improvement in our transit service."

Transit Windsor is seriously looking at improving service by entering the modern era and introducing automatic vehicle location technology.

General manager Penny Williams said it would tell customers exactly when the next bus will arrive.

"It'll give us as administration the ability to help out drivers if we see they're struck in traffic or some of that so this technology is really up and coming," said Williams. "It'll announce what the next stop is and it'll announce a pre-boarding stop."

The board has included a $4.6 million request for the new technology in the city's capital budget, which council has yet to approve.