Transit Windsor has accepted a challenge from cycling advocates to send bus drivers on a bike ride through the city to illustrate rider safety issues.

The dangers of buses and cyclists sharing the road irresponsibly were highlighted last month when a cyclist captured video from a helmet camera of a bus driver roaring by him, narrowly missing the cyclist — motorists are required to give cyclists at least one metre of room.

At the time, members of Bike Windsor-Essex put out a challenge to teach bus drivers the rules of the road by leading them through a city bike ride.

"We would like to see them out on the streets on bicycles to experience what it feels like to be on a bicycle when a bus goes by you," said Lori Newton, executive director at Bike Windsor-Essex. "It's a very scary experience and if the bus is too close, it just makes it more dangerous."

Lori Newton

Lori Newton of Bike Windsor-Essex challenged city bus drivers to learn about cycling safety by going for a bike ride. (Derek Spalding/CBC)

Transit Windsor confirmed with CBC they agreed to the challenge, but details of when and what the event will look like have yet to be determined.

Newton wants to move as quick as she can to set up the bike ride in order to improve safety on the road.  

"I think it's a very positive step forward that they've offered to come for a bike ride with us," she said. "We were very pleased to hear from Transit Windsor that they are concerned about the education of their drivers and that they're concerned for the vulnerable users of our roads."

Bike Windsor-Essex is also considering extending their invitation to other drivers in the city. 

"Everyone can experience the streets from the handle bars of a bicycle, which is what we all really need to do," she said.

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