Transit Windsor has lost its contract to provide shuttle service for Caesars Windsor employees.

Windsor owned and operated Royal Limousine landed the contract after tendering the lowest bid. 

The service, which employees 17 people and maintains 14 vehicles, is not new to Caesars Windsor. The company has been providing corporate shuttle services to the casino for years.

The non-union contractor could displace many Transit Windsor drivers who have been carting employees to the casino from an off-site lot in Walkerville since 1998.

Pat Delmore, Transit Windsor's director of operations, said 30 jobs are affected.

"It's been a good run for us and, unfortunately, we've got a number of employees who will be finishing work as of the end of this week," Delmore said. "They've done a great job for us and to represent Transit Windsor and be there for Caesars as well."

But job loss was already on the horizon. The casino had already cut back on shuttle service by allowing some employees to use its parking garage, according to CAW Local 444.

Delmore said the shuttle bus drivers who are losing their jobs have a good opportunity to be hired as Transit Windsor workers when there are eventual openings.

Royal Limousine will begin shuttle operations Friday at 5 a.m.