A Toronto hip hop artist who goes by the name Icky Eric, has released a song and music video about growing up in Windsor.

The song called Dubz in the Air is starting to attract some online attention.

The video has been out for about two days, but it's attracting thousands of views on YouTube and making the rounds on Facebook.

Icky Eric, also known as Eric Smyth, who goes by Icky for short, says he's proud of his Windsor roots.

"Windsor’s so not full of itself. It’s a down-to-earth city. It’s a great little town, it’s got everything," Smyth said. "People like to say they hate Windsor, they love to say they hate Windsor. It’s a beautiful place, as much as people like to say it isn’t."

Smyth was born in Vancouver and moved to Windsor when he was two. He spent the next 18 years of his life here.

Smyth graduated from Vincent Massey high school.

"I'm a Mustang for life," he said.

Warning: Video contains some explicit language.

He moved to B.C. for a year, after high school but returned to study for four years at the University of Windsor.

"In a nutshell, it’s all about life in Windsor, the Rose City," Smyth said of the rap.

"Rose City, where everybody knows your name, and you know everybody. That's the feeling they call home," he raps. "A part of me stays there."

Smyth said he wrote the music first, about two years before the lyrics.

"I’d think it has a really nostalgic feel and I don’t really know what to write about. I moved away from Windsor and started getting kind of homesick. It just kind of came to me one day in Toronto, that I’d pay homage to my hometown," he said.

Smyth is cognizant of Windsor's struggles, too.

Some lyrics include, "they got no job, two kids and and they can't pay for daycare."

For years, Windsor has had one of the country's highest unemployment rates.

"I took an honest approach. I’m not trying to promote myself, I’m trying to promote the city," Smyth said.

"I used to cruise the west end, with my friend, it wasn't, it wasn't such an ugly boarded up mess then," he adds about the hundreds of vacant and boarded homes owned by Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun..

"The cops wanna be criminals, the criminals wanna be cops. The cycle never stops."