A new online video is trying to teach residents that the only thing that belongs in a toilet is human waste.

The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup initiative and the City of Windsor have teamed up demonstrate the after effects of toilet flushing.

Natalie Green is with the group and said the video follows the flow of wastewater from a home in Windsor to one of two places: the waste water treatment plant or the Detroit River.

"The main message that we want people to really take home is that the only thing that should go into the toilet is human waste, pee and poop and toilet paper -- that's it."

She said even some liquids that claim to be "flushable" shouldn't always be put in the toilet.

Green said expired medication shouldn't be flushed either because water treatment plants aren't designed to extract those substances from water.

The eight-minute video is available on both the City of Windsor and Detroit River Canadian Cleanup websites.