Titcombe Park to be naturalized area of tall grass

The City of Windsor is about to say goodbye to Titcombe Park and turn it into a naturalized area of tall grass.

The City of Windsor is about to say goodbye to Titcombe Park.

It held a public meeting Tuesday night to discuss the future of the space on Malden Road.

The province leased the land to the city decades ago.But the park is rarely used now, and the lease recently expired.

People who gathered at the Ojibway Nature Centre agreed the best thing to do now is let the park revert to its natural state.

"There's going to be a all kinds of natural trails rather than man made trails. There's going to be a lot of benefits for the community to come and visit the area," said John Miceli, the city's director of parks. "People can come and take their kids for a walk and look at the five different types of species of tall grass prairies that we have there.

"In Canada, we have limited tall grass prairies. And Windsor seems to be the home for most of them in the province," Miceli said. "So returning the park to that natural state is a good thing for the community."

While the cost of returning the park to its natural state would also be good for the city, officials say the difference between that and maintaining the park won't make or break the budget.

The parks department will bring the recommendation to city council.