A 73-year-old man whose head was crushed in an accident at a southwestern Ontario Tim Hortons drive-thru has died.

George Weston went through the drive-thru Tuesday around 1 p.m. in Wallaceburg, a community of about 11,000 between Sarnia and Chatham.


George Weston, 73, of Tupperville, Ont., died after he was pinned in the drive-thru of this Tim Hortons in Wallaceburg, Ont. ((Google))

Weston, who was from nearby Tupperville, dropped something in the drive-thru lane.

Witnesses said he then tried to pick it up by reversing his vehicle, opening the driver's side door and leaning to the ground.

But as he reached out of the truck, the vehicle reversed, pinning his head and neck between the door and a yellow post near the drive-thru window.

Other drivers behind Weston jumped out of their cars and turned off the man's vehicle, but they weren't able to free him.

Police said Weston's truck could not be pushed forward because it was lodged by the edge of the drive-thru window on the other side of the door.

They said fire and rescue crews had to use special equipment to extricate the man.

Weston was revived and taken to hospital in Chatham-Kent, then flown to London, where he died Thursday.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to Mr.Weston's family," said David Morelli, a spokesman for Tim Hortons.

Several staff and customers at the coffee shop witnessed the accident, prompting Tim Hortons to close the store for much of Tuesday afternoon.

"The staff at the store are pretty shaken up, and we have grief counsellors speaking to them," said Morelli.

The Chatham-Kent police force also extended its condolences to the Weston family.