Harrow is finally getting a Tim Hortons.

The coffee giant says Harrow is one of the largest communities in Canada to not have one their restaurants.

Sandra MacCharles runs the Pie Lady Restaurant and Bakery in Harrow.

She said Tim Hortons might take some customers away from her but said she's confident it won't put her out of business.

"It's going to impede on people coming through, who haven't been to Harrow before. But other than that, I think I'll keep my customer base," MacCharles said.

The new Tim Hortons is owned by former NHL hockey player Dan Jancevski, of Windsor.

He expects to hire about 35-40 employees.

The head of the local chamber of commerce said the new Tim Hortons is good for the community because of the jobs it will bring.

A spokesperson for the corporation said more than 300 people have applied to work at the new coffee shop.

A hiring fair will be held March 7-8 at the Harrow Arena.

The restaurant is expected to open sometime in mid- to late March.

Yvonne Renaud owns Danielle's down the road from Tim Hortons.

"I think if people want excellent home cooked meals they'll come to Danielle's. If they want fast food, they'll go to Tim Hortons," she said.

Renaud is encouraged by a new solar panel factory opening up across the street from her restaurant.

The chamber of commerce president said it's just one of many new businesses in town.

"We also had a new veterinarian just open an office in town. There's a new computer business, and another new business, a general store, moved into downtown Harrow," Murdo McLean said.