Tile setters end strike at Windsor aquatic centre

Tile workers will soon be going back to work at Windsor's downtown aquatic centre.

Tile workers will soon be going back to work at Windsor's downtown aquatic centre.

Don Sadler, the project manager, says "an interim local agreement" has been reached with the Brick and Allied Craft Union of Canada.

"We'll have tile setters back on the job this week," Sadler said. "We missed a week but we feel we can still meet our target."

A strke by tile workers in the rest of the province continues.

Sadler says work on the competitive pool section of the aquatic centre remains on schedule.

He says it'll be ready in time for the International Children's Games in mid-August.

Coun. Drew Dilkens is also the steering committee chair. He's relieved. There were 50 working days to set aside for tile work.

"They're on site right now and we'll work expeditiously to catch up and bring us up to speed," Dilkens said. "There was certainly some negotiation. I think everyone's happy and they're back to work.

"It's a monkey off my back."

Representatives at union's Windsor chapter and national office were not immediately available for comment.