Up to 20 charges have been dropped against two people believed to be involved in the alleged Tilbury dogfighting ring.

The Crown withdrew all charges in court Thursday, according to defense lawyer Ken Marley.

"No reason was given by the Crown on the record, although, it's my belief at least that the view of the Crown was there would be difficulty connecting Mrs. Robert and John Jr. to the charges before the court," he said. 

Police arrested four people and seized 31 dogs from a property in Tilbury East Township, back in October 2015.

Police seized seven more pitbull-type dogs after searching two homes in the Kent Bridge area in March 2016. Another man was then charged with seven counts of unlawfully owning a pit bull type dog.

Police have issued more than 300 charges in the case. Marley told CBC News he represents four of six people who were facing charges.