The City of Windsor reached record-breaking heat temperatures for three days in a row, according to Environment Canada.

Monday's high of 31.3 C in Windsor broke the 2007 record of 30.8 C, and certainly made it difficult for some of the city's outdoor workers to cope with. 

"It just gets much hotter when you're working hard,"  said Biljana Oluic, a landscape technician working at Regency Park. She said it's important to check the weather before she heads out the door because she's been stuck in "corduroy pants and button-ups" on some really hot days. 

Robert Lebert was also putting in a full day of work landscaping on Monday. 

"You learn to cope with it, that's the job you choose," he said. "Lot's of water and get in the shade as often as you can."

Sarnia tied a previous record Monday of 30.4 C, but could top a 1998 record Tuesday if temperatures reach at least 30.6 C.

Tuesday's forecast high is 31 C and Windsor will likely not break the 1998 record of 32.3 C.

A heat warning is still in effect, and residents are told to take precautions. 

Wednesday's temperatures are expected to cool down, reaching a more normal average by Thursday.