Thousands flock to Adventure bay in search of warm weather

It's more than 25 C on the shores of Adventure Bay Family Water Park and patrons are flocking to escape the cold.
Adventure Bay, Windsor's new indoor water park, saw high attendance amidst winter weather. (Courtesy City of Windsor)

It's more than 25 C on the shores of Adventure Bay Family Water Park.

I'm here just because I love water slides and it's always nice to get away from the cold," said Eric Jubinville.

It was his first time here with his mom, Annette, who just started her winter vacation.

"We're getting cabin fever. We needed somewhere to get away and just have some fun," said Annette Jubinville.

Thousands are having fun, according to Scott Bisson, acting manager of the Aquatic Complex.

Saturday Jan. 25 saw crowds of 1,600. That's more than triple the attendance opening weekend.

In the first three hours of its Sunday hours, there were already 400 residents who went swimming.

"People are looking to escape the cold. Coming here it's almost like a summer vacation," said Bisson. "They're enjoying the warm weather inside the park."

"This is almost like Florida. getting away get in the water and having a good time," said Annette Jubinville.


Bisson told CBC News some patrons may not be familiar with the complex's parking areas.

He said he knew some residents were parking in the lots of other establishments, including the LCBO at University and Church Streets.

Bissons encouraged patrons to use street parking, parking complexes near by, as well as the parking lots around the Aquatic Centre itself.