A loss in cancer services could have a negative effect at the medical school in Windsor.

Cancer Care Ontario has asked Windsor Regional Hospital to end all thoracic cancer surgeries by March.

There are three thoracic surgeons in Windsor and two of them work at the medical school.

Gerry Cooper, the associate Dean at the Windsor Program Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, said the loss of expertise could mean a hit to the faculty.

"And if they leave the community, that becomes an issue and for us, we're a pretty new program and we need to have as many people in the game as possible in terms of the provision of the clinical instruction," he said.

Cooper said the surgeons haven't announced if they are leaving when the surgeries are cut. The surgeons also practise other proceedures as well.

"Part of our job is to make sure we have as many clinicians, as many faculty members, as many instructors as possible. So any loss is of a concern to us," Cooper said.

There are approximately 50 thoracic cancer surgeries in Windsor each year.

As of Dec. 1, people needing these operations will be sent to London.