A tentative agreement was reached early Friday morning between Caesars Windsor and Unifor Local 444.

It came a couple of hours after the midnight strike deadline, but no picket lines were ever set up.

Management did close the casino and hotel overnight, forcing people out on the street Tuesday evening.

A tired Dino Chiodo came out of a bargaining room at 2 a.m. Friday after the deal was reached.

But the president of Unifor Local 444 is not releasing any details until ratification meetings are held next Tuesday.

Chiodo is optimistic workers will approve the agreement.

"I mean the alternative is basically we would be out on strike," he said.

Casino management is pleased a tentative contract has been reached without a strike.

George King, counsel for the casino, said neither side got everything it was after.

"In any round of good collective bargaining, both sides should be a little bit unhappy, and I think that's the case here," King said. "We didn't achieve everything we wanted, and I don't think the union probably achieved everything they wanted."

King said it's unfortunate the gambling floor and hotel had to be closed.

He added the casino has certain regulations to follow during labour negotiations, and people affected will be contacted.