Windsor taxi cab drivers are cleaning up their act, according to city bylaw enforcement after the annual inspection.

The latest city inspections show both the interior and exterior of cabs are getting better.

Ann Kalinowski is the city's manager of bylaw enforcement. She said 41 work orders were issued.  There are 210 cabs in the city.

"It's very much improved, the whole process has changed a bit and it's been very successful both by bylaw enforcement division and the taxi industry themselves working together," said Kalinowski.

Taxis are inspected on an annual basis and the issues this year are minor repairs.

"We did have some problems with the cameras that we currently have in the taxi cabs, however the industry was very good at ensuring those deficiencies [will be] rectified within a few weeks," Kalinowski said.

She said the age of the fleet is getting "more modern."