Some residents in a quiet Belle River, Ont., retirement community are making a lot of noise over their right to fly the Canadian flag.


Brian and Linda-Lee Cassidy have refused to take down their Canadian flag after their homeowners' association asked them to do so. ((CBC))

The Cooper's Mill Retirement Community homeowners' association says no additions or substitutions are permitted to the exterior of homes without permission, and it has asked a few homeowners to take down their flags. The association told CBC News that the issue isn't about the flags themselves, but the installation of the flags.

However, the residents of the community east of Windsor say their flags aren't going anywhere.

"I said I didn't put it up there to take it down, I said I put it up there to stay there unless you make me take it down," said Cooper's Mill resident Charles Strong.

His neighbours across the street are just as defiant.

Brian and Linda-Lee Cassidy refuse to take down their flag.

"[The association refuses] to back down and I refuse to take my flag down, so we're actually at a stalemate," Brian Cassidy said.

Flags called 'trailer trashy'

The Cassidys said they didn't ask for permission to put up the flag, but said they didn't think they had to.

Brian Cassidy said the association has received letters of complaint from other residents.

"They used the phrase 'It's starting to look trailer trashy.' A, that's an insult to the Canadian flag, B, that's an insult to people that live in mobile home units," he said.