Approximately 7,500 Ontario civil servants joined the province's $100,000 club last year.

The provincial government released its so-called "sunshine list" Friday. It shows nearly 79,000 workers made six-figure salaries in 2011. That's up by about 10 per cent from the previous year.

There were 71,478 public sector workers on the 2010 list, up 11 per cent or nearly 7,400 workers from 2009.

Nearly 11,000 workers at government-owned Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation were on the 2010 sunshine list.

The New Democrats have said their biggest concern is that the list doesn't include golden parachutes given to top public sector executives when they leave their jobs.

Bill Tufts of Fair Pensions For All also says the sunshine list doesn't tell all.

Tufts says there'd be outrage if the government came clean on total compensation, and not just wages.

Tufts says paid benefits, guaranteed or defined benefit pensions, expense allowances and severance packages would make the number much higher.