Firefighters prepare to rescue a driver from his partially submerged car in the Detroit River. ((Tom Addison/CBC))

A man in Windsor, Ont., who stopped his car to watch the sunset ended up watching his car go down instead — straight into the Detroit River.

The man parked his Chrysler Sebring convertible on a boat launch in the Sandwich area to get a view of the glowing orange sunset.

But the vehicle began rolling forward into the water, prompting the man to hop aboard in a failed attempt to stop it.

Apparently feeling marooned in the chilly water, the man calmly sat atop the driver's side door for at least 20 minutes waiting to be rescued.


Steve LeClair, from Myers Towing, prepares to haul the car out of the water. ((Tom Addison/CBC))

Eventually, firefighters got him out using a ladder bucket.

The man appeared to be fine, but was taken to hospital to be checked out.

Witnesses said a Myers tow truck driver, Steve LeClair, subsequently waded into the river to hook up the car and haul it out.