Project manager of the Herb Gray Parkway says the controversy surrounding the substandard girders used in the roadway has led to construction delays.

Michael Hatchell said road closures and timelines have been extended since installation of the girders, which weren't built to code, stopped in July.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Glen Murray ordered that work stop once he learned more than 300 substandard girders were installed and hundreds more were built but not installed.

Hatchell said Huron Church Line was supposed to re-open at the end of August. It hasn't, and could remain closed until next spring.

Hatchell also said construction of several tunnels has also been adversely affected.

Hatchell said meetings are being held with provincial transportation officials to reach a conclusion on the girder issue.

"We want to finish it as fast as we can," Hatchell said. "The faster we finish it, the better off we are everyone is."
Meanwhile, even more traffic woes are coming for drivers.

Starting Friday evening, Howard Avenue will be closed south of Highway 3 for at least six months to allow for faster construction of the Herb Gray Parkway.

Tuesday night, LaSalle town council gave its approval to close the road.

Two weeks ago, LaSalle council raised concerns about the request to close Howard Avenue but afterward, residents began to offer their opinions.

Coun. Sue Desjarlais said the message was clear: fewer construction delays:

"Get the roads done. Do what you have to. Close what you have to. Just get it done," Desjarlais said.

Hatchell said the closure of Howard Avenue is needed so a bridge can be built across Highway 401. That construction may need to last longer than six months, depending on the winter season:

"If we have a good winter, we'll go faster," Hatchell said.

LaSalle council also lifted a noise bylaw Tuesday night.

That will allow concrete paving work to continue seven nights a week until the end of December.