Students raise $2K to send special needs brothers to Leafs

Developmentally delayed brothers, born with a chromosome disorder, will sit in the third row of the Air Canada Centre to watch the Toronto Maples on Tuesday after classmates raised $2,000 to send to them to the game.

Aiden and Conner McCandless of Windsor, Ont., will see Toronto play Boston from the 3rd row of the Air Canada Centre

A trio of Grade 8 students in Windsor raised more than $2,000 to send a two brothers with special needs to a Toronto Maple Leafs playoff game in Toronto. 1:54

Two brothers from Windsor, Ont., have their hands on the hottest tickets in Ontario.

Aiden and Conner McCandless of Windsor, Ont., are Toronto Maple Leafs fans, and they've never seen the team live. Their dream is about to come true, thanks to their classmates.

Born with a chromosome disorder, the boys are developmentally delayed but that hasn't held them back.

Tonight, they will be rooting on the Toronto Maple Leafs from the third row of the Air Canada Centre.

They're popular with their classmates at St. John Vianney. 

Last week those students found out that these major Leaf fans had never been to a game.

Last week, Grade 8 student Reese Lambley and three friends innocently asked Conner if he was excited about the upcoming Leafs game and whether he had ever been.

When they found out Conner had never been to a game before, they they decided to do something about that.    

"They always bring us up when we're down. They do choir, all the sports teams; they're just amazing guys," Limbley said. "We just wanted to thank them for all the joy that they've brought to our school over the years."

The kids raised more than $2,000 to buy three tickets; two for the boys and one for their dad.  

"I feel great," Conner said before thanking his classmates.

Their mom, Rachelle, was moved to tears. 

"When you have kids with special needs, to have them accepted and welcomed and nurtured, it is phenomenal for me to know that that's how the kids feel about my sons," she said.

Teacher John Foglia said it only took the students three days to raise the money.

"When the kids come to you with an idea like this, it's something special," he said. "It's my fifth year here teaching Grade 8 and I've never seen anything like it."

Conner and Aiden called the opportunity awesome.

"It's going to be tough to beat Boston," Conner said.

He then went so far as to make prediction. He thinks Phil Kessel will score twice in a Leafs win.

"Go, Leafs go," Aiden said.