There will be no strike at Integram Seating in Lakeshore.

Workers there on Sunday voted 64 per cent in favour of a new three-year contract.

The deal prevented a strike that could have begun overnight.

A walkout by the 800 workers would have interrupted production of Chrysler's minivans in Windsor.

The new contract does not include wage increases.

Instead, the workers will each receive a signing bonus of $1,250, plus a lump sum payment of $1,200 in each of the three years.

"Unfortunately, there's people that were looking for more with regards to increasing their base rate, but in today's competitive market, it's difficult for us to do that, because we could potentially lose product for the future," said Dino Chiodo, president of Unifor Local 444.

The hourly wages remain at approximately $25 an hour for production workers and about $34 for skilled trades.

Sam Grimonte, the union plant chairman, said the employees make a good wage and anything higher could jeopardize the contract with Chrysler to supply seats for its minivans.

"They can't be screwing around with the fixed costs. We have pretty good pay for a seating facility in this area," Grimonte said.

The new agreement includes improvements in benefits.

The new agreement runs until 2016