Street racing at 157 km/h nets mom charges

A Toronto woman accused of having four children in her car who weren't properly strapped in has been charged with street racing on Highway 401.

OPP allege 4 children were in the car and not buckled properly

A Toronto mother has been charged with street racing on Highway 401 with her four young children in the car.

Ontario Provincial Police said an officer spotted a woman driving 157 km/h in a 100 km/h zone near Charing Cross Road in Chatham-Kent around 7:30 Monday evening.

Four children all under the age of eight were in the vehicle -- three of them were not properly restrained, said police.

Police said two of the children were sharing a seatbelt, while the third was not in a child car seat and should have been.

Const. Aaron McPhail said police believe by pulling the woman over and seizing her licence and vehicle, they may have prevented an accident.

"It's certain that if that vehicle was in a crash, those children would have been seriously hurt," said McPhail.

Vehicle, licence seized at roadside

The 28-year-old driver from suburban North York only has a G2 driver's licence, which in Ontario limits the number of passengers she can transport.

She is charged with street racing, several seatbelt offences, and failing to give police proof of insurance and ownership.

Individuals caught speeding 50 km/h above the posted speed limit face an immediate seven-day licence suspension, a seven-day vehicle impoundment and a fine of at least $2,000, but as much as $10,000.

McPhail credited Ontario's stunt driving legislation for giving officers the power to stop vehicles they believe are travelling at a dangerous speed.

"This stunt driving legislation has made a significant impact on the number of fatalities on Ontario roads; there has been a significant reduction," said McPhail.