An assessment is underway to determine how much damage was done to crops in Essex County on the holiday weekend.

A hail storm hit areas of rural Amherstburg, Essex and Kingsville on Sunday night.

The storms started shortly after 6 p.m. on Canada Day and brought large hail.

Harrow-area farmer Terry Wright said the storm followed a similar path that the Leamington tornado took two years ago.

Wright said there were  reports of hail from south of Amherstburg through to Kingsville. There was a streak along the Gore Road which Wright said "received substantial damage."

The hail damaged apples, grapes, tomatoes, soybeans and corn.

Agri Corp officials will be talking to farmers and assessing the damage over the next few days.

"It's going to take some time ---some crops just had minor damage and visually some had major damage," Wright said.

Wright said high-risk crops are usually covered by insurance.  He said it's been a tough year for the farming community:

"This season is a long ways from being over," he said. "It started in March and I'll be glad when this year's over."

Wright said with the hot weather staying all this week, there's always a chance of another damaging storm.