The parrot stolen from a local pet shop last week has been found.

The four-month old orange winged amazon parrot named Coco was scooped from Corbret's Pet shop by a man who stuffed him in his coat.

Store manager Cory Drouillard told CBC News a young girl returned Coco to the store Tuesday.

The girl was not involved in the kidnapping; she received the parrot from one of the alleged thieves.

"One of the guys that stole the bird went to the taxi cab driver," said Drouillard. "Cab drivers have video ... the guy that stole the bird brought it to another guy's house trying to sell it."

Drouillard said the culprit allegedly attempted to sell the parrot for $100.

Coco is actually worth $2,500.

"Coco must have been scared out of his or her mind," said Drouillard. "Unknown, freezing cold weather, somebody running down the road, Coco has been on one heck of a ride."

The store is not pressing charges.

The owners say they're just happy to have the parrot back safe and sound.

"Coco is singing, dancing and whistling away at Corbret's," said Drouillard.