Steve McQueen Ferrari auctioned off by Ontario's RM Auctions

An Ontario classic car restoration company is taking centre stage in California where it will be auctioning off a rare sports car that's expected to sell at a world-record setting bid this weekend.

Also up for grabs is a rare 1965 Ferrari expected get record-setting bid

Actor Steve McQueen had this Ferarri delivered while filming Bullet. (RM Auctions)

An Ontario classic car restoration company is taking centre stage in the historic Monterey auction in Monterey, Calif., where it will be auctioning off two rare sports cars.

RM Auctions from Blenheim, Ont, east of Windsor, is auctioning off a Ferrari that once belonged to the late Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. 

Also being auctioned off by RM Auctions is a 1965 Ferrari that's expected to sell at a world-record setting bid this weekend. 

"This is the biggest classic car event in the world. It's the car version of the Kentucky Derby or the Super Bowl," said Gord Duff, a car specialist with RM Auctions. "We bring out 120 collector cars from around the world and people fly in from around the world to bid on the cars. So it's kind of the biggest event on the calendar. "

Duff said he's especially excited about the rare Ferrari that's up for grabs. 

"We're selling a 1965, 275 Special that they only built three of in the world. We're expecting it to break a world-record this weekend," he said. "There is lots of interest. It will be exciting to see it sell."

Duff said cars like these sell in the multi-million dollar range. 

Duff also expects many people will be bidding on the 1967 Ferrari, which was once sold brand new to Steve McQueen. 

"The car was delivered to him when he was filming the movie Bullet," Duff explains. "There's actually photos of him with the car and you can see the Mustang that he used in the movie in the background."

RM Auctions has about 125 cars for auctions at the event and expects to sell about 60. 

The event starts at 9 p.m. EST.


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