It has been 24 days since a large fire ravaged the Bonduelle food processing plant in Tecumesh and while the cleanup and rebuilding continues some people are complaining about a rancid smell. 

The odour is coming from just over 5,443,108 kilograms of spoiled vegetables from the warehouse that was destroyed by the blaze. 

"Frozen peas, green beans, sweet corn, carrots all different types of vegetables," said Rob Anderson the company's vice president of operations. 

These were vegetable Bonduelle either packed at the warehouse straight from the field or vegetables that were purchased in and used to packaging. 

"As you can imagine those frozen vegetables started to spoil and rot and in just over three weeks we've done an excellent job of removing those vegetables," said Anderson. 

He said all the mess will be completely romved Monday and the smell should be diminishing quickly. 

"It has been a massive undertaking, we had over a 100,000 square feet of buildings that had to be taken down and we had to separate the steel structure and concrete, and the rest of the debris from the vegetables and then remove the vegetables. As you can imagine it's a lot of transportation and movement and we had to go only as quickly as transpiration and the landfill would accept the product."

Anderson said most of the structure affected by the fire has been knocked down, with canning and freezing of vegetables starting again. 

"We continue to can peas and our canning lines were operational very quickly after the fire and then last Tuesday we started freezing green beans...and now we're in the process of freezing peas." 

The next goal is to start packaging vegetables on one of the lines this week.