The Stanley Cup should make an appearance in Essex County this summer.

Los Angeles Kings right wing Kevin Westgarth was born and raised in Amherstburg.

It is NHL tradition that every member of the winning team spend a day with the iconic cup.

Westgarth's mom was in L.A. to celebrate the win Monday night. His dad wasn't able to make it because Westgarth's parents alternated attendance at the games. So, Westgarth called his dad after the big win.

"He said it was too bad I couldn't make it,," Reg Westgarth said. "But we'll get together with the cup when they come to Amherstburg.

"He always said that when he got the Stanley Cup, he wanted to come here and have a party on the deck, so it looks like it's going to happen."

Brains and brawn

Before the Kings, there was Princeton, an Ivy League school. Before that, there was General Amherst high school, where Westgarth was was an accomplished athlete and student.

Westgarth was the only Grade 9 on the quest trivia team, according to Dan Campana, one of Westgarth's teachers and coaches.

"He was such a great competitor and competed with a smile on his face; just a joy to be around," Campana said.

Reg Westgarth said it was always his son's dream to play in the NHL.

"He sort of worked at it, and was fortunate enough to play [junior hockey] with his brother in Chatham. They were both recruited by Princeton and he had a very good final year," Reg Westgarth said.

Westgarth won the cup on the day of his first wedding anniversary.

Even though he wasn't in L.A., Campana recorded the moment.

"I had my camera on the [TV], and finally he got it, I took three pictures and I finally got him in there," Campana said, scrolling through the photos on his digital camera.

Moments after hoisting the cup, Westgarth had this to say on Twitter: "Stanley is as light as a feather."