St. Clair shuttle bus tears down transportation barriers

A pilot project to aiming to break down transportation barriers for those living in the county is making it easier for students to get a ride to St.Clair College.

Bus services Leamington, Kingsville and Essex

A new bus service taking students from Essex Country to St. Clair Collage is a success. (CBC)

A pilot project is breaking down transportation barriers faced by St. Clair College students.

The South Essex Community Council runs a bus that picks students up from Leamington, Kingsville and Essex and brings them to school. 

Carolyn Warkentin, the executive director of the council, says the program that began last school year is proving to be a success. 

"The demand has increased and we can see this need as being an ongoing need, and we have inquiries from parents and students interested in getting to the university as well," said Warkentin. 

In the month of September, 14 passes have been sold, 21 people have registered and there have been 31 inquiries.

"We had one parent say [Friday] morning when she came to pay for he child's pass, that it wouldn't be possible for her child to attend college if it wasn't for our transportation service," she said. 

Warkentin said there has also been some interest in transporting students to the University of Windsor. 

The council is now considering purchasing another vehicle. 

Bus passes cost $200 per month. 


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