St. Clair mistakenly emails thousands of acceptance letters

Thousands of students received acceptance notifications from St. Clair College earlier this month.

Applicants received acceptance letters the college has verified as an 'unfortunate accident'

Thousands of students received acceptance notification in an email from St. Clair College earlier this month.

Three hours later, they were sent another message, instructing the students to ignore the acceptance letter.

John Fairley, a communications representative from the school, has confirmed this was a result of "human error." He said more than 2,000 students received the emails.

"You never would have been accepted to some of these programs unless you've done some certification, done some testing already," he said. "We've talked to many parents, students and many adults through this process. Most people understand errors are errors."

The email confirming the error from the registrar's office stated, "Please disregard these emails as they are incorrect and were sent in error. St. Clair College is currently attempting to amend this unfortunate incident."

Fairley said there was some anger on the part of students and parents.

"We admitted to it right away. I think people understood," he said.

The school did confirm that any acceptance letters sent through Canada Post were not sent by mistake.