St. Clair College's president alleges motorists are cutting through his school's parking lot in order to avoid Herb Gray Parkway Construction.

John Strasser said the volume of traffic has increased four times since a new entrance to the college was constructed off Talbot Road a month ago.

He said the increased traffic is damaging roads on school property.

Strasser estimates that approximately 40 per cent of traffic is made up of commuters cutting through the college grounds from the new Talbot Road entrance to to Cabana Road.

"The first thing it's going to do is tear up the roads. The roads are the No. 1 concern for us," Strasser told CBC Windsor's Dale Molnar.

Strasser has reached out to parkway officials for help in fixing the problem. they said they are looking into the accusations.

Spokesperson Cindy Prince said they want to make sure they know how much traffic is coming from Talbot Road and how much is caused by construction projects underway on campus.

For example, Schlegel Villages is building a new long-term care facility on campus.

"We want to make sure that any damage to the roads that's being attributed to the parkway project is in fact a result of the parkway project and not a result of some of these other heavy construction activities that are occurring on the site," Prince said. "The college and the [parkway] project have worked very well together up to this point in time and it's certainly everyone's goal to continue to do that."

Prince said that if the parkway is to blame for the wear and tear on the roads  at St. Clair College,  there is a claims process the college can go through to get compensation.

The two sides will meet later this week to see if they can come to a resolution.