John Strasser is more than welcome to meet with council, Mayor Eddie Francis said.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis refutes claims being made by St. Clair College president John Strasser.

Strasser is crying foul over city council's decision to provide the University of Windsor with $10 million to establish a downtown campus

In a letter this week, Strasser claims the college is being treated unfairly.

Francis has replied with his own letter, outlining how the city has helped the college with its past downtown projects.

The city gave up the buildings which now house the Centre for the Arts and the Mediaplex for a dollar each.

The mayor added that the city's funding to the university is proportionally lower than the past support provided to St. Clair College.

"The bottom line in conclusion is this: For every dollar of investment the college has made in the downtown the city has offered 60 cents. For every dollar of investment the university will be making downtown, the city is giving them 15 cents," Francis said. "So, for the college to claim that they have received a disproportionate share is inaccurate."

Francis said the university's total investment downtown over the next five years will exceed $100 million. City council's contribution is a small fraction of that, he said.

Francis said he's more than willing to meet with Strasser if the college wants to renew discussions on downtown development.

"If the college wants to continue to pursue things, if they're prepared to make investments in the downtown, they know they've got a willing partner in us," Francis said. "For crying out loud, it feels just like just yesterday the city facilitated the Schlegel deal that brought the college a significant amount of money that facilitated a transaction that also included the city transferring a woodlot."