Squirrels love tulip bulbs according to City of Windsor staff. (CBC Windsor)

Squirrels have eaten nearly 10,000 tulip bulbs at a park in Windsor, Ont.

The city typically plants 20,000 bulbs at Jackson Park. Squirrels ate almost half of them during the mild winter, according to the city.

The weather prevented the ground from freezing and with the scarcity of nut trees in the park the squirrels gorged themselves on tulips.

"Squirrels love tulip bulbs," said Dave Tootill, the supervisor of horticulture. "There's been a feeding frenzy."

'There's been a feeding frenzy.' — Dave Tootill, City of Windsor

Tootill said the city uses blood meal to prevent the squirrels from digging in the gardens until the ground freezes. But with no freeze, the blood meal composted and the gardens were soft enough for the squirrels to root through.

"They've done well eating all year," Tootill said

Jackson Park is a popular place for wedding parties, with brides often having their photos taken in front of the elaborate tulip displays.

"I know it's going to be a big disappointment to a lot of people this year, especially the brides, who like to come down here and have their pictures done," Tootill said. "We can't do much now."

Tootill said it's going to be an added cost to the city, which now has to replace the bulbs.