Some south Windsor residents say motorists are turning Foster Avenue into a freeway.

The posted speed limit on the road that connects Conservation Drive to Walker Road is 50 km/hr.

Residents claims some drivers are speeding well above the posted limit. Others allege drivers are ignoring a two-way stop where Foster crosses Woodward Boulevard.

Jake Scott said cars are constantly "swerving, slamming on the breaks, having to make a dramatic turn to avoid a collision."

He is one of those drivers who tries as best he can to avoid collisions and he's still be in two of them.

Scott lives down the street from the intersection. One of his crashes there left him with a back injury.

"There's always a bit of anxiety and I'm always double checking left and right, just in case they decide to run the stop sign," he said.

Terrie McKinnon has two kids and worries about their safety.

"It's quite scary," she said. "There is no stop sign [on Woodward], but most of the residents do stop there because there has been accidents," she said.

It's not just residents who live in the area that cross Foster at Woodward. Those who use the community centre cross there as well.

"The traffic is getting very bad in this area," said Elizabeth Esposito of Harmony in Action..

Esposito said she's worried for the safety of her clients.

"Our participants are all handicapped. I'm afraid of them being hit," Esposito said. "As well, there is a number of school age children in the neighbourhood and they don't necessarily always use the sidewalks

Some residents suggest a heavier police presence or a -four- way stop would help.

Neighbours say police do perform regular blitzes right at the intersection.

Residents say when police are there, they hand out tickets. But residents say that isn't a long-term solution.

Windsor police were not immediately available for comment.