Experts told Windsor area residents the mysterious hum that's plagued them for nearly a year originates near Zug Island. (CBC News)

More than 150 residents shaken for months by mysterious rumbles and vibrations were told Thursday the source is an airborne sound wave originating from the general vicinity of Zug Island in River Rouge, Mich.

Officials with the provincial Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Canada joined a consultant hired by the City of River Rouge to deliver the news at a public meeting at South Windsor Arena.

However, consultant Rick Harding couldn't specifically name the source and warned residents he may never be able to do so.

"When you look at Zug Island you have so many industrial areas on the island and just south of the island it's an awful lot to evaluate and try to match up with the criteria of the sound," Harding said.

Scientists are attempting to pinpoint the exact source.

Residents have describe the sound as bass from a radio and idling train engines. Many say the noise is worst at night.

Ministry received 400 complaints of noise

The Ministry of Environment has received about 400 complaints about the rumble since March. 

Bruce Walman, who has experienced the vibrations, said he wakes up every morning with a headache. He said the vibrations rattle chairs and windows in his residence. He said he can't get work done at night, but was satisfied.

"Now that I know I'm not alone and that they're working on it, I'll sail the storm a little bit easier now," Walman said.

"There's been so much work undertaken," Coun. Al Maghnieh told the audience. "This issue has made its way to the governor's office (in Michigan)."