There's no business like snow business.

As some are trying their best to avoid outside, others are cashing in on the record-breaking snow dumped in Windsor-Essex this week.

With mini mountains of the white stuff piling up over the past few days, John Lachance has been busy.

He does contract snow removal and his phone has been ringing off the hook with frantic calls from people with snow packed on their driveways and parking lots.

He's soaking the work up now, because he knows the weather won't last.

"It's a gamble throughout the winter, how much money you're actually going to make," he said.

Lachance said the forecast for the rest of the season looks promising, but he's not holding his breath.

Kole Carr

Kole Carr says winter gear have been flying off the shelves at Gray Home Hardware. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Over at Gray Home Hardware on Tecumseh Road W., the heavy snowfall has employees scrambling as supplies fly off the shelves.

"Our truck just came in this morning and as soon as it came in ... we had half a shelf empty, we had maybe four or five shovels left in stock and we were loaded for bear two days ago before snow hit."

"We've probably gone through skids and skids of salt," she added. "You've gotta keep it up and constantly pack it down because it's a safety need. Nobody wants to slip on ice. It hurts when you hit the ground," said employee Kole Carr.

She added the increase in traffic has prompted the store to add more employees to work shifts.