Some dogs louder than motorcycles

As Windsor Police continue their crackdown on loud motorcycles and cars, CBC Windsor found that a barking dog and average highway traffic are just as loud.

As the Windsor Police continue their crackdown on noisy vehicles, there are many other things around the city that register louder than a motorcycle with modified mufflers.

At Thunder Road Harley Davidson, Chris Valentino allowed CBC Windsor to test the volume of a Harley Davidson using a decibel meter.

The idling Harley checked in at 84 decibels. Hearing damage occurs with long-term exposure of noise at 85 decibels.

Near the intersection of Huron Church Road and Todd Lane, where construction of the Windsor-Essex Parkway is underway, noise registered 30 metres away from heavy equipment checked in at 77 dB. Traffic up the four-lane road, registered at 84 dB.

The decibel system ranges from zero, which is absolute silence, to about 150 dB, which will make you deaf.

Acoustician and professor Colin Novak, an expert in noise, said Harley Davidson's generally fall into the 85- to 95-dB  range.

The noise, he said, could be more of a problem for the rider than the public.

"If you're exposed to levels that high for long periods of time, it could cause hearing damage," he said. "For example, the Ministry of Labour dictates that we can't expose ourselves to levels greater than 85 decibels for sustained periods of time without the risk of hearing loss."

Harley's identifiable rumble can be muffled by helmets.

While one motorcycle registers approximately 85 dB, there will be more than 1,000 in Windsor for the 24th Annual HOG Rally this weekend.

Thunder Road owner Chris O'Neil, who is helping organize the rally, isn't worried. He said people who alter bikes to make them disturbingly loud are definitely in the minority.

"We ask all the bikers to be respectful, and they should, and majority always do," he said. "It's just the odd one percent you have a little bit of trouble with."

Bikes in Windsor weren't the loudest noise CBC Windsor found. That honour went to man's best friend.

A Labrador dog at the Windsor Humane Society checked in at 97.7 dB, just about as loud as a jackhammer at a distance of one metre.

Grab the cursor below and scroll to the left to see a number of daily items and their corresponding decibel levels.

Use the map below to see just how loud some noises are and where they are found in Windsor.